Q. What is this symposium all about?

A. This will be the very first dedicated conference on the east coast focused on the impact that virtual reality will have within healthcare. We found one event a couple of years ago on the west coast.

Last fall we organized a 5-city virtual reality (VR) event tour to help give people their very first VR experience, and to better understand what’s happening at a high level in the industry today. Since then, there has been an explosion of VR conferences, mainly on the west coast, and mainly very general.

We feel that the best impact we can have on the industry and for individuals is to focus on key verticals where investment and development is its highest in VR today. Healthcare being one. We have a number of other vertically focused events scheduled throughout 2017:

Virtual Reality and Higher Education – Boston – August 10th

Virtual Reality and Construction/Real Estate – Washington, DC – September 12th

Virtual Reality and Defense/Public Safety – Washington, DC – November 6th

Virtual Reality and Gaming/Entertainment – Online – July 24th-28th

Q. Who and what is VR Voice?

VR Voice is a one year old content vertical and membership platform under Cool Blue Media. Cool Blue Media is an established media company in Washington, DC having started by organizing the first social media conference on the east coast in June 2009. We are well known for our print magazine and website: The Social Media Monthly. Cool Blue Media was founded by Robert Fine.

Q. Will I have a chance to meet the speakers?

A. Yes. We are requesting that all our speakers remain at the conference for at least 30 minutes after their presentation to meet with attendees. We will have a special meeting table at the conference so it’s easy for you to find the speaker.

Q. Are you still looking for speakers?

A. Yes. We are still adding speakers to the VR and healthcare symposium, as well as looking for speakers at our other events. Even if we can’t accommodate you at the healthcare conference, you may very well be a good fit for one or more of the other events. It never hurts to inquire and reach out.

Q. Will there be exhibits?

A. Yes. We are still adding exhibitors, as well as arranging for a number of VR setups for attendees to try out VR for the first (or second) time, and experience some of the new medical applications.

Q. Are you still looking for exhibitors?

A. Yes. If you are interested in exhibiting, please email us or give us a call at +1-202-684-6207.

Q. I’m coming from outside of Washington, DC and not very familiar with the city. Can you recommend a hotel?

A. Yes. The symposium is taking place in the Foggy Bottom section of Washington, DC, and just 1 block from the Foggy Bottom metro. There are many affordable options both in the city and in Northern Virginia. If you need some suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us at +1-202-684-6207.





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